All our wireless sensors are embedded with our proprietary Ricochet wireless technology. Ricochet offers users the benefit of encrypted and bi-directional wireless communication, longer battery life, superior range and signal security.

Motion Detectors

A revolution in motion sensor technology, our wired and wireless detectors change the way you think about design and performance.


A perfect product to protect your doors, windows, cupboards and drawers.

Glass Break Detectors

Detects burglar intrusion happening from breaking glass windows or doors with our vibration and acoustic based glass break detectors.

Texecom micro panic button

Panic Buttons

Our one button or two button panic  buttons can be used for medical alerts or in emergency situations.

Texecom smoke sensor


Smoke sensors and roller shutter contact sensors.

Motion Detectors

Wired Motion Detectors

Premier 360 QD

Part code: ACC-0012

Features an omni-directional quad
element pyro for true 360° pickup and digital temperature compensation to work in different climatic conditions.

Premier Compact PW

Part code: ACH-0005

Embedded with Texecom’s proprietary HOTLens™ technology, it provides pet immunity for pets up to
35Kg and only senses human motion.

Premier Compact QD

Part code: ACF-0002

The quad element pyro provides superior false alarm immunity. The digital temperature
compensation feature ensures that these detectors perform exceptionally well in cold and warm climatic conditions.

Premier Elite DT

Part code: AFG-0104

Dual technology (measures both IR and Microwaves) provides excellent false alarm immunity. Digital temperature compensation and florescent light protection ensure that they work perfectly in all climatic conditions.

Premier Elite AMDT

Part code: AFB-0052

Armed with anti-masking and dual technologies (measures both IR and microwaves), these are ideal for high-security zones like banks, high-value stores, warehouses, etc. These detectors notify you if they are masked or blocked even if the panel is in disarmed

Wireless Motion Detectors

Texecom 360 PIR

Premier 360 QD - W

Part code: GBM – 0003

Premier Compact PW - W

Part code: GBK-0003

Texecom wireless DT PIR

Premier Elite DT - W

Part code: GBF-0007


Texecom Micro Magnetic Contact

Micro Contact - W

Part codes: GHA-0004 (White), GHA-0005 (Grey), GHA-0006 (Brown)

The smallest wireless door contacts that provide unobtrusive and discreet security.

Impaq SC - W

Part code: GJA-0002


Wireless door sensor. It can also be used to integrate Optex sensors wirelessly with Texecom panel.

Impaq SC

Part codes: AEK-0006 (White), AEK-0007 (Brown)

Wired vibration/ door sensor.

Glass Break Detectors

Texecom Micro Shock sensor

Micro Shock - W

Part code: GHC-0004

 The ultra miniature design provides discrete yet powerful protection for all windows, doors and walls.

Impaq S

Part code: AEJ-0004 (White), AEJ-0006 (Brown)

Wired Vibration sensor with superior accelerometer technology

Texecom Glass Break sensor

Veritas Impaq E

Part codes: AEA-0012 (white),AEA-0014 (brown)

Wired vibration sensor.

Texecom Glass break sensor

Premier Impaq Glass Break

Part code: AEC-0018

Wired acoustic-based glass break sensor.

Panic Buttons

Premier Elite Micro PA-W

Part code: GHE-0001

The single button operated Micro PA-W is Texecom’s smallest ever wireless panic button, providing virtually unnoticeable protection wherever needed. 

Premier Elite PA DP-W

Part code: GBG-0003

Wireless double push panic button provides flexibility in device location and positioning and delivers fast and reliable wireless emergency notification.

Premier Elite PA DP

Part code: AEG-0001

Wired double push panic  button.


Texecom smoke sensor

Premier Elite OH-W

Part code: GBN-0003

Wireless optical and heat multisensor. Heat enhancement ensures high sensitivity to fast burning fires whilst optical chamber provides exceptional false alarm immunity.

Roller Shutter Contact

Part code: AEF-0001

High quality alloy finish heavy duty roller shutter contact.

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