Texecom Connect SmartCom


Our latest Ethernet and WiFi communicator that facilitates the Texecom Connect mobile app experience by connecting any Premier Elite control panel to a local area network.

Premier Elite Com-IP module

Premier Elite Com - IP


The Premier ComIP module allows alarms to be signalled over an IP network to an Alarm Receiving Centre.

Premier Elite Com2400 with Speech Module kit


Plug-on PCB that provides 4 recordable 10 second audio messages and lets you make phone calls.

External Sounders

Designed for high-risk applications, sounders combine high output audible and visual alarm signaling with EN Grade 3 level diagnostics and fault monitoring.

External Sounders

Texecom Odyssey 5 wireless sounder

Premier Elite Odyssey 5-W


Wireless sounder & Strobe/Flasher (red colour).

Premier Elite Odyssey 3


High Security Intelligent External Weather resistant wired sounder & strobe. Built in battery backup and Tripple Tamper.

Texecom Odyssey 3 Metal sounder

Premier Elite Odyssey 3 Metal


Wired sounder with metal back plate for heavy duty and commercial applications like banks and warehouses.

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