Smartcom (CEL-0003)

AlertsPush notifications on mobile and/ or CMS
Arm/ Disarm/ Part armYes. Through Texecom Connect app
Networking ChannelEthernet and Wi-Fi
Router ConfigurationNot required
Event LogsCan be viewed on Texecom Connect app with one week of recorded video footage
Firmware UpgradeSmartcom firmware can be remotely upgraded using Texecom Connect app
Home AutomationCan make recepies and modes. API integration possible
Remote ProgrammingYes. Through Wintex without Static IP or port-forwarding
CMS CapabilitySupports CMS via Static IP or VPN

Com-IP (CEJ-0008)

CMS only

Ethernet Only

Needs router configuration for setting static-IP and port-forwarding

Needs Montex and Texbase

Does not Support Firmware Upgrade of Device


Needs Static IP and Port Forwarding to Connect to System

Support CMS via Static IP or VPN


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